Where to Find the Best Holistic Dentist in India

From the food we eat to the amount of exercise we do, we believe in making healthy life choices. The same thought should also apply to our dental and oral care. If you’re looking to make sure your mouth and teeth are healthy, it’s important to find the best dentist in India.

What is Holistic Dentistry?

The practice of holistic dentistry revolves around the idea that dental work and treatments can negatively impact a person’s health. Everything from the materials used in cavity fillings to the amount of radiation a patient is exposed to can cause harm and damage to the body.

That’s the exact problem that holistic dentists try to avoid. 

When defining a dental treatment plan, it’s important to take the patient’s overall health into account. This means understanding a person’s lifestyle, including their diet and emotional and mental wellbeing as well as their dental history.

Additionally, holistic dentists try to only use non-toxic materials in their procedures. The effect of harmful products or toxic materials can cause dental infections and even impact a person’s overall health.

Who is Dent Ally?

Dent Ally is one of the top holistic dental clinics in India. They have clinics all over in the country, including offices in Delhi, South Dehli, Green Park, and Vasant Kunj.

Specializing in holistic dentistry, Dent Ally works with each individual patient to understand more than what’s happening with their oral care. They focus on the patient’s health as a whole and take every factor into account before developing a treatment plan.

Why is Dent Ally the Best Dentist in India?

There are several key factors that make Dent Ally the best dentist in India.

By taking a preventative approach, Dent Ally dentists try to create awareness with their patients. Specifically, they focus on educating their patients about ways to prevent oral health diseases. They can also advise on nutrition plans to help reverse the effects of known dental issues.

But when it comes to dental treatments, Dent Ally also does things a bit differently. 

First of all, they only use biocompatible materials. Cavities are never filled using mercury or metal, which have been known to be toxic to the human body.

Dent Ally also follows strict sterilization protocol. Every treatment is cleaned and sterilized using distilled water. In fact, they were even recognized for their hygienic sterilization procedures by the University of Louisville in America!

Finally, Dent Ally limits a patient’s radiation exposure. Their digital X-Ray systems are some of the most technologically advanced not just in India, but in the world. Their machines ensure that minimum radiation exposure to both patients and doctors.

Final Thoughts

Oral care is one of the best ways to stay healthy. And by only working with a holistic dentist, you can prolong the longevity of your teeth, and as a result, your overall health.

That’s why Dent Ally is the best dentist in India. They understand the importance of holistic dental care, and work with each one of their patients to develop the right plan moving forward.