5 Best Foodie Cities in the World

While traveling, indulging in local cuisine is one of the best ways to get a feel for the country. Whether you’re sampling one-of-a-kind recipes or dining in gourmet gastronomy, delicious food can be found anywhere. That’s why we curated this list of our favorite mouth-watering destination around the world.

1. London, England

As one of the most diverse cities on the planet, London has a dish for every type of taste. This can be seen with a stroll through Borough Market, which sells everything from handcrafted cheeses to freshly caught seafood.

Lunch is the best time to visit the market since you can dine on dishes like gourmet mac and cheese or spicy tiki masala. The outdoor food truck garden is the perfect spot to grab a bite to eat and watch as the food is cooked right in front of you.

2. Beijing, China

With some of the best street food known to man, Beijing is known for its variety of cheap and filling street snacks. From juicy steamed pork buns to char-grilled meat skewers, these tantalizing food stalls and carts can be found on almost every corner in the city. Best of all, you can eat like a King for just a few bucks a day!

Another dish that can’t be missed in Beijing is the signature Peking Duck. Although you may find yourself waiting for hours for a table, we promise that the duck wraps are worth the wait.

3. Rome, Italy

Italy’s most historic city also specializes in some of the most delectable dishes in the country. Although you can fill up on your fair share of pizza and pasta, we recommend branching out to try some of the more traditional foods. Fried risotto suppli, crispy Roman artichokes, and succulent saltimbocca are just a few of the must-try eats in Rome.

4. Istanbul, Turkey

There are very few cities where sweet treats are just as tasty as savory dishes. However, Istanbul manages to do both – and very well!

For a savory snack, try Manti, Istanbul’s version of a meat ravioli, or Lahmacun, a type of Turkish pizza. And for dessert, sample the sweet Turkish delight, which comes in an array of fruit and nut flavors.

5. Barcelona, Spain

The coastal city of Barcelona serves more than just fresh seafood. While fish is a staple in Catalonian cuisine, Barcelona is known for a diverse variety of dishes. Some of the city’s most popular dishes include calçot, crema catalana, and escalivada.

However, if you’re craving seafood, then you can’t go wrong in Barcelona. Try the Esqueixada or salted cod salad. And for an authentic Catalonian dish, don’t forget the seafood paella!

Final Thoughts

No matter where you travel in the world, it’s worth the effort to seek out the best local dishes in the area. Not only will you gain a deeper appreciation for the culture, but you’ll also get to try unique foods you can’t find anywhere else in the world. And you never know, you just might find your new favorite thing to eat!

Buon Apetit!

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