The 16 Best eBike Brands on the Market Today

Aventon, Ride1Up, and State Bicycle Co. top our list for the best ebike brands today. Our alternatives include everything from budget brands to overpowered speed machines.

The writing on the wall is clear: e-bikes are in. But maybe you don’t know where to start. Maybe you want to know what the cheapest quality bike you can get is, or maybe you’re looking for the fastest model.

After tons of research and trying out different electric bikes, I think I’ve got a handle on what elements are important to consider when buying an electric bike—like range, speed, and comfort features. That’s why only the best companies made this list of best eBike brands.

In addition to capability, company ethics is also an important feature to consider. I didn’t consider including any brands on this list that don’t commit to the cycling lifestyle and know exactly what they’re talking about.

In this list, you’ll find brands that celebrate what it means to cycle while providing extra capabilities you won’t find on a traditional bike.

So, gear up, because we’re about to take you on a ride through some of the best electric bikes brands!

Below are 16 of the best eBike brands, and the category each excels in:


Aventon: Best eBike Brand Overall

Aventon eBike

Crafting high-quality bikes is difficult and pricey enough. Adding electric motors and batteries into the equation? Prices can get out of hand quickly. That’s where Aventon stands out with its line of affordable yet quality-built bikes!

This exceptional brand owns their manufacturing process, making essential parts in-house and overseeing quality assurance while minimizing consumer costs!

Aventon takes the spot for overall best e-bike brand for their extensive bike lineup that never breaks $2,000. Electric bikes from Aventon have at least 20 MPH of pedal assist, with several models hitting 28 MPH territory. Integrated components, high-quality frames, and impressive tech round out the features list.

One of their best electric bikes is the Aventon Aventure.

This pedal assist electric bike model offers a super smooth ride with 28 MPH top speed and 45 miles of range. It comes with 4-inch fat tires in step-through or off-road style. The Aventure has app support, throttle on-demand, and 80mm of front fork travel.

What does this mean? It means these electric bicycles gives riders an affordable alternative to a vehicle.

The Aventon Aventure is an all-around bike with off-road and cruiser capabilities. It can even be configured into a class III with its high capacity battery and powerful rear hub motor.

The Aventon Level, on the other hand, is a proper cruiser bike. Aventon includes a rear rack and fenders for the Level, making it stand up to road hazards better than an off-road bike.

The 75mm front fork travel makes for a comfortable ride. It also features the same great 28 MPH pedal assist and 40-mile range.


Ride1Up: Best Budget eBike Brand

Ride1Up eBike

Efficiency is what Ride1Up is all about. They brag about how streamlined their supply chain is, boasting excellent quality checks and high performance from all of their models.

Ride1Up has some of the best-looking electric bicycles on the market, with batteries integrated into the frame where other brands have bulky external batteries. These external batteries not only add weight but distract from the bike’s classic look.

Ride1Up started out as a DIY project, with the realization that e-bikes had a revolutionary impact on riders.

The founders of Ride1Up decided to make a statement in the industry by providing an incredibly affordable entry point for cyclists. Thanks to that lower price point, riders have an alternative to the expensive bikes from competitors. It’s no wonder they take the spot for having the best electric bikes for those on a budget!

Ride1Up’s simple Roadster v2 is the most affordable electric bike in the lineup. Despite being affordable, the Roadster v2 is anything but cheap. It truly is the best value electric bike out there!

It has a Class 3 pedal assist with up to 24 MPH top speed. The frame is lightweight 6061 aluminum and houses the Samsung battery for a range of up to 30 miles. Overall, the geometry is perfect for street riding, and the iconic look will fool anyone into thinking you’ve got legs of steel!

At the top end of the lineup is The Prodigy. This e-bike takes the classic Roadster specs and boosts them thanks to upgraded components.

An improved battery provides up to 50 miles of range, and a locking mechanism helps prevent theft. The 28 MPH pedal assist remains Class 3. Still, the battery offers more than double the torque of the Roadster for extra capability in tackling hills.


State Bicycle Co.: Best Lightweight Electric Bike Brand

State Bicycle Co.

State Bicycle doesn’t just produce e-bikes, but they offer a wide range of traditional bikes built for both commuting and mountain biking. State Bicycle Co. got its start in 2009 and began producing no-nonsense bikes manufactured from quality components.

The e-bike State Bicycle now builds is one of the most compelling electric bikes, and it just dropped this year. Up until this point, State only had traditional bikes. Still, the brand focuses heavily on the biking culture, allowing for collaborations with artists like Ozzy Ozborne and the National Park Foundation.

State Bicycle Co. got its start in 2009 and began producing no-nonsense bikes manufactured from quality components.

Every year the brand releases special edition collabs that State retires after manufacturing wraps. Famous collabs included the Simpsons, Froot Loops, and Wu-Tang Clan. In addition to quality bicycles, State also sells premium merchandise like clothing and accessories.

After focusing for years on traditional bikes, State finally jumped into the e-bikes game. The decision came from the popularity of the 6061 series, a straightforward performance-minded bicycle.

A simple geometry provides a smooth yet responsive ride. When combined with an electric motor, the geometry creates an enjoyable experience that doesn’t sacrifice the benefits of a lightweight traditional road bike.

The only model of e-bike that State Bicycle Co. offers is the 6061 eBike Commuter.

This affordable e-bike comes with a 250W motor that provides up to 20 MPH pedal assist. Thanks to an integrated battery hidden in the frame, the 6061 eBike Commuter looks just like the standard 6061 series but has a 100-mile range and a charge time of only three hours. Plus, the 6061 eCommuter is incredibly lightweight at just over 38 lbs.

State Bicycle Co. makes things easy for riders with a single-gear drivetrain and engaging LCD display.

The 6061 eBike Commuter has excellent stopping power with oversized 160mm rotor brakes to help avoid traffic. And with an aluminum frame, it can handle up to 330 lbs, making it ideal for hauling a passenger or carrying some extra cargo around town. A decent 5-year warranty also provides some peace of mind for new buyers!


Rad Power Bikes: Best Commuter eBike Brand

Rad Power Bikes

Rad Power Bikes holds the distinction of building an incredibly city-friendly cargo electric bike. Rad Power Bikes’ products feature large cargo spaces, step-through models, and high weight capacity. Plus, the unique bike brand offers plenty of extra storage and cargo bike accessories to help carry everything riders need!

Rad Power Bikes started out retrofitting standard bikes with electric motors. Founder Mike Radenbaugh teamed up with Ty Collins, a childhood friend, and created the first RadRover.

Since that first model, the Rad Power Bikes team has gone on to produce more city-friendly bikes, like the RadWagon and the RadCity Foldable eBike.

Since its humble beginnings, the cargo bike brand has crafted a lineup of stellar bikes. With a focus on converting people from their cars onto a bike, it has the position as the best electric bikes brand for the city. Mechanical disc brakes, a 45-mile range, and a solid pedal-assist system provide added incentive to ditch your car and opt for a Rad Power Bikes model instead.

Rad Power Bikes proudly sells the RadWagon 4, the fourth generation of the classic mini-can competition bike.

Its 750W motor and 45-miles plus battery and sturdy frame can handle up to 350 lbs, meaning the RadWagon 4 can haul everything your car can with the right accessories!

The large dedicated rear rack extends to hold large bags, surfboards, or other passengers.

A more utility-style electric bike from Rad Power Bikes is the RadRunner Plus.

This Vespa-like bike offers a unique step-through cruiser style with a dedicated passenger seat. The RadRunner Plus is perfect for cruising around with passengers, especially with the same powerful battery as the RadWagon 4. Retro seats also give riders one of the best electric bikes on the market in terms of style!


Super73: Most Stylish Electric Bike Brand

Super73 eBike

The first thing you notice when you see a Super73 bike is its unique design. Unlike other electric bicycles, which look somewhat similar to a standard bicycle, a Super73 bike looks more like a motorcycle, with aggressive angles and open spaces within the frame.

Since its founding in 2016, Super73 has produced an annual lineup of improved models to meet increasing demand. Super73 electric bikes have some notable features like removable batteries, different levels of pedal assist, and alterations to make any model feel genuinely yours.

Super73 is the best-looking electric bike in part thanks to the motorcycle-styled frame. What really takes Super73’s design to the next level is the incredible artistic collaborations the brand makes with contributors from Indian Motorcycles, Delorean, and Hot Wheels. Each imparts a unique style unseen in any other bicycle brand.

The flagship electric bike for Super73 is the Super73-RX Mojave. Super74 updated the RX for 2022.

The RX Mojave sports gnarly off-road tires built for rock, sand, or pavement. It has a cafe racer-style seat with a low handlebar position for an aggressive look. The high-power LED headlight means riders can cruise streets or dirt roads any time of day. Plus, you’ll never get lost thanks to turn-by-turn navigation. It’s the perfect alternative to a motorcycle!

Another outstanding e-bike from Super73 is the S2—the Iconic Urban Cruiser. The S2 has up to 75 miles of range for riders to tackle the entire city! Along with the LED headlight, navigation system, and 960W battery, the S2 has motorcycle-inspired tires to improve on-road handling.


Lectric eBikes: Best Foldable Electric Bikes

Lectric eBikes

Electric bikes are typically larger, heavier, and bulkier than traditional bicycles. Lectric eBikes took that as a personal challenge and created the best folding electric bike available.

The foldable bikes are perfect for those who travel, live in small spaces, or want to reduce the cluttered look of a full-sized e-bike.

Lectric eBikes started when two friends from Minnesota who moved to Arizona to open an electric bicycle shop. One founder was a mechanical engineer, while the other was the business mind.

Their first bike wasn’t a commercial success, but after some improvements, the second model blew critics away. Now the brand produces one of the best electric bikes in the industry, all while maintaining that individual identity that made the company successful.

Lectric eBikes takes the best folding electric bike title on account of the successful implementation of a quality foldable bike. As a compact electric folding bike, Lectric sets the tone with Class 2 capability, and five levels of pedal assist for speeds up to 20 MPH.

The entire folding bike is just over 40-pounds—perfect for traveling. And the fact that many models start at less than $800 makes these bikes affordable for most, but they don’t skip out on power.

Their best electric bike is the new XP 2.0 Black. The Lectric XP 2.0 has Class 3 capabilities with an 850W motor that delivers torque instantly. With massive 160mm hydraulic disc brakes, stopping power isn’t an issue, and the battery is integrated into the frame.

Its lithium-ion battery gives the Lectric XP 2.0 Black a 45-mile range and a short four-hour charge time. 3-inch tires provide extra grip for wet conditions, but they perform well in dry conditions as well.

The XPremium Black provides riders the ultimate folding experience. It has a 500W mid-mounted motor with a 48V battery that delivers up to 100 miles of cruising range. Fat 4-inch tires provide extra grip, while the 330 lbs of capacity allows for tons of cargo or an additional passenger.


Duro Bikes: Best Fat Tire Electric Bike Brand

Duro Bikes

Duro Bikes has adventure at its core. The brand produces an e-bike that is styled after motorcycles yet sports a fat tire instead of the standard tire. The unique design even includes high-power headlights and dedicated oversized taillights for optimal visibility when on the roads.

Take to the hills in Northern California to find Duro Bikes. The brand comes from a crowdfunded Kickstarter and commits to producing each bike with a focus on quality and excellent customer service. Plus, the brand offers support for each cycle sold and provides accessories that match the style of the bike.

The Duro Rise is the brand’s only model, yet it’s a model to behold. This off-road adventure bike provides a powerful 1000W battery, capable of cruising over 28 MPH in the most extreme terrain imaginable. With dedicated front and rear suspension, riders will go over bumps with ease.

Duro’s rise can also tackle the steepest terrain thanks to the seven-speed Shimano gear system. The combination of motor, gear system, and suspension provides riders a sleek-looking alternative to the traditional fat tire bike. Riders can count on a significant range of about 48 miles, but weight and level of assistance will play a factor in the total number.

Duro Bikes provides the best fat tire bike on the market despite stiff competition.

A 4-inch fat tire comes standard and helps the Duro Rise cut through any obstacles like sand, gravel, or pavement. The off-road capabilities translate well for city riding as well.


Serial1: Best Electric Commuter Bike Brand

Serial 1 eBike

Powerhouse motorcycle company Harley-Davidson helped bring Serial1 into the world. Just looking at the lineup of Serial1 bikes, you wouldn’t be able to tell that they were e-bikes because they’re so sleek. The design carries over from the legends at Harley, creating one of the best electric commuter bikes available.

Serial1 got its start as a skunkworks project back in 2018. Ever since 2020, the brand has operated as an independent company yet retains the legendary legacy of Harley-Davidson.

Today, Serial1 produces a lineup of mountain- and city-dedicated electric bikes loaded with features. While their city bikes command quite the price tag, the big name, quality components, and incredible design are well worth the cost.

Serial1 produces bikes that have technology typically reserved for automobiles. CVT gear systems, chainless belt drives, and removable batteries give flexibility and reliable power to riders. In addition to the on-bike tech, Serial1 has a dedicated app with incredible built-in features like navigation and ride time data.

The flagship Serial1 model is the Rush/CTY Speed, which comes in either blue or black, and both look incredible.

The Rush/CTY Speed has pedal assist speeds up to 28 MPH, and thanks to the 66 lb-ft of torque, no hill is too steep. The continuous variable transmission adapts to changing environments allowing riders to pedal at a constant pace without losing momentum. The 706W battery provides up to 115 miles of pedal assistance, making it among the best!

For a more budget-friendly option you might consider the Mosh/CTY electric bike.

At 20 MPH max speed, it’s certainly slower, but the 529W removable battery still provides riders an outstanding range of 105 miles. Charging takes less than five hours, and the mid-mounted motor delivers torque rapidly, so riders don’t have to expend extra energy when starting. Plus, the extra-bright headlights and taillights are standard for better night visibility.


Juiced Bikes: Best Electric Bikes for Speed

Juiced Bikes

Juiced Bikes has an extensive lineup of e-bikes to fit any lifestyle. They offer every style from step-through and commuter style to the infamous scrambler and moped-styled bikes.

In 2009, Juiced Bikes started out as a high-capacity battery company. By 2010, owner and aerospace engineer Tora Harris filled a gaping hole in the e-bike industry. Not only can you replace your car with one, but the prices are affordable regardless of which model you get.

Harris introduced electric bicycles with improved cargo capacity, high-capacity batteries, and exceptional safety features. Where most electric bikes top out at 28 MPH, Juiced Bikes has several options that push the boundaries of speed on a bicycle.

Juiced Bikes models can achieve a top speed of more than 30 MPH using a dual-battery configuration. It does so while offering features commonly found on electric scooters or motorcycles like horns and turn signals. It could even be excused as a motorcycle with a large headlamp that looks somewhat like a cafe racer.

Juiced Bikes’ HyperScrambler 2 features a dual-battery layout and offers riders speeds of 30 MPH+, and the more than 100 miles of range is really attractive for city riders.

Hydraulic brakes, twist throttle, brake lights, and a generous passenger seat make the HyperScrambler 2 feel more like a Moped than a bike. The intelligent display gives riders control over every aspect of the ride, and the USB outlet can power many devices.

The HyperScorpion Moped-styled e-bike is a more compact version of the HperScrambler 2 that doesn’t need the extra battery to put out impressive stats.

Riders love that the single 994W battery produces a 30 MPH maximum speed while maintaining a range of up to 70 miles. Juiced Bikes still supplies the HyperScorpion with excellent safety components and allows for extra cargo with the rear bike rack and fenders.


Oh Wow Cycles: Best eBike Lineup

Oh Wow Cycles

Born from the need for health, Oh Wow Cycles is committed to making the act of improving your well-being fun. Oh Wow Cycles has a wide range of electric bikes, from the standard cruiser-style bike to folding three-wheel trikes, perfect for delivering products.

Along with building bikes that are affordable, the story behind the brand is equally as heartwarming as it is inspiring.

Oh Wow Cycles got their start in 2019 after founder Ash Soliman received a 2019 heart operation. Doctors told him he needed to stay active or risk life-threatening consequences. With the support of his 10-year-old daughter, Ash had an inspiring moment during a trip to Big Bear Mountain.

After realizing that electric bikes were his route to health, his daughter helped design the logo, and Oh Wow Cycles grew. Now the brand produces a range of electric bicycles for everyone to get fit!

Oh Wow Cycles has a ton of variety in its lineup. Starting with the iconic Voltaic 500, the brand introduces a classic cafe racer look.

The brand also has a couple of trikes, the Conductor 500 and the Conductor 750, that promise stability and hauling capability. Folding and step-through-styled bikes also bolster an already solid lineup. Plus, accessories promise to add another level of excitement for every model.

The heavyweight flagship model of Oh Wow Cycles is the Circuit Breaker 26.

The Circuit Breaker 26 has a 28-mile battery range. Still, the capacity sits at 330-pounds, making it perfect for hauling cargo or a second passenger. A twist throttle provides an intuitive method of power delivery, making every hill easy to traverse. The Circuit Breaker 26 is among the most affordable e-bikes available.

The Conductor 750 e-trike is the peak of stability for an electric bike. Its speed differential technology allows for stable sharp turns and a robust cargo area for easy transport.

An oversized headlight and mechanical disc brakes make the Conductor 750 feel less like a bike and more like a car replacement. Large tires also help with traction and handling, giving the Conductor 750 a leg up over other trikes. And the smaller Conductor 500 even folds up!


Electric Bike Co.: Best Customized eBike Brand 

Electric Bike Company Model C

Tesla must have rubbed off on Electric Bike Co. because their lineup consists of bikes with names like Model X, Model Y, and Model C.

Electric Bike Co. offers a wide range of bikes purpose-built for various activities like off-road riding or cruising. Components are assembled in the United States, and buyers receive fully built bikes, meaning less time building and more time riding!

Electric Bike Co. has a vision of helping the majority get into an alternative form of transportation. The goal of tackling stigmas like hills, sweat, and skill level joins capable batteries with up to 28 MPH speeds.

The brand also takes safety seriously, supplying every battery with dedicated fuses and temperature sensors to prevent the overheating that causes fires. Along with excellent safety measures, Electric Bike Co. ranks as the best in e-bike customization. Every model can be fully customized to meet the tastes and needs of the rider.

You can customize virtually every component for color, plus add accessories like front baskets or rear racks, each with the same selection of colors. Plus, you can get alarm systems, helmets, emergency repair kits, and a fully assembled bike delivered right to your door!

Electric Bike Co.’s flagship e-bike is the Model X.  This top-of-the-line e-bike gets up to 28 MPH pedal-assist speeds and a 160-mile range.

The powerful battery can handle up to 350 lbs of cargo or passengers. Riders also enjoy a selection of tires for speed or handling, and an intelligent braking system disconnects the motor and engages pistons for precision stopping power.

To add even more performance, Electric Bike Co. offers an even more extreme model—the Model R.

The Model R (R for rugged) comes with an excellent 150-mile range battery and hauling capacity of up to 380 lbs. The step-through design and aluminum frame with integrated components give the Model R protection off-road. Specially designed tires provide protection from flat tires, and the thumb throttle helps engage the pedal-assist motors.


Flyer eBikes: Best eBike Brand for Families

Flyer eBikes

Flyer eBikes comes from the famous Radio Flyer brand that produces the classic wagons we’re all familiar with.

While the designs for the Flyer’s electric bikes are a bit strange to account for the longer frame dimensions, large tires and powerful engines propel riders to upward of 50 miles in range. Based in Chicago, Illinois, the Radio Flyer team constantly improves on classic products, from scooters to children’s bikes. Taking the red wagon hauler concept and combining it with the bicycle is a stroke of genius, especially with an electric motor.

That legacy continues with the full-size adult Flyer eBike, built for hauling the entire family. Flyer designed its bikes for the urban commuter, offering an alternative to traditional vehicles while providing more capability than other electric bike brands. Plus, buyers can trust the bikes’ quality coming from a century-old company!

Flyer eBikes is the best electric bike for families, not just because of the iconic company image.

Flyer eBikes produces bikes that focus heavily on hauling capacity of up to 400 lbs. Batteries have a 50-mile range with lower levels of pedal assist, offering even higher mileage. Plenty of cargo accessories join children’s seats and kid haulers, and adding range-extending batteries means Flyer bikes have few limits.

The Flyer L885 is the longtail cargo e-bike that provides the most impressive best specs.

Its fat tires and extended length allow for three passengers, meaning the whole family can go for a ride. Flyer supplies the L885 with extra-bright LED lights for additional safety. A smaller, 20-inch rear wheel as compared to the 26-inch front wheel aids in stability, and the extra-fat rear tire improves the power delivery, perfect for those steep hills.

Slightly smaller than the Flyer L885 is the M880, the more maneuverable model in the lineup.

The M880 still enjoys the 50-mile range and five levels of pedal assist for up to 20 MPH top speed. It also enjoys the fat tires, LCD display, and half-twist throttle from the L885, yet in a more compact package. While only one additional passenger can ride, the M880 can still handle 300 lbs of cargo or passengers.


Bunch Bikes: Most Unique eBike Brand

Bunch Bikes

Bunch Bikes takes alternative transportation to a new level with their take on e-bikes.

With one wheel in the rear and two in the front to support a large cargo area, Bunch Bikes has one of the most unique electric bicycles on the market. Despite some odd looks, the sturdy frame, large motors, and oversized cargo boxes promise e-bike cargo unreached by competing electric bicycle brands.

Bunch Bikes got its start after a trip in 2016. Founder Aaron Powell had a desire to bring front-loaded cargo bikes to the market after this experience, and a trip to Shark Tank would provide the needed funds to catapult this unique brand into the mainstream.

After this success, Bunch Bikes produced several e-bike models that offer an alternative to traditional cargo bikes and a compelling alternative to gas-powered vehicles!

Bikes usually don’t have two wheels in the front, and Bunch Bikes made that their competitive advantage.

The extra wheels allow for a sturdy frame, which in turn helps handle the extra cargo space. Each model in the lineup offers front-load door access making it easy to pile in the kids, animals, or cargo. Plus, Bunch Bikes offers financing and fully-built delivery of any model, making it an easy and affordable way to get into cargo bikes.

The Original Bunch Bike makes a case for a family hauler with seating for four small children.

Inside the cargo area are four seats with seatbelts and a rubber lip to prevent hurt fingers. Riders can expect up to 35 miles per charge, and a side-pull throttle makes for effortless power delivery. LED headlights and taillights provide additional safety, and the entire bike is red for extra visibility.

As if the Original Bunch Bike didn’t haul enough, the Preschool model seats up to six passengers.

This massive e-bike has two bench seats with three-point seatbelts for passenger safety. An upright seating position combined with steering dampers aids in handling, while the 500W motor provides the torque needed for traversing hills. Hydraulic disc brakes and an eight-speed Shimona shifter also help with the performance of The Preschool.


Himiway: Best Electric Mountain Bike Brand

Himiway Bikes

Himiway Electric Bikes came about as the result of more than 2,000 cyclists who provided feedback on the ultimate electric mountain bike construction. An extensive line of electric mountain bikes exists that can handle more terrain than any competitor.

A convenient questionnaire helps novice and experienced riders alike narrow down the perfect model, which could be the classic cruiser or even a Moped-style e-bike.

Himiway launched in 2017 with the desire to reach higher peaks. Since then, Himiway has constantly accepted feedback in order to improve the lineup. Additions like fat tires, longer-range batteries, and bulk orders set the brand apart.

You won’t find a Himiway in stores. The brand commits to factory-direct shipping, keeping prices more affordable and allowing more riders to join the constantly growing community.

Professional off-roading capability drove the inspiration behind the original Himiway bike.

Components seen on models like the Cobra Pro-sport are typically reserved for traditional high-performance traditional mountain bikes. Ability like that on an e-bike was previously unheard of.

For Himiway, it’s standard practice, making it the best eclectic mountain bikes brand. Even the Moped-style electric bikes have some off-road capability.

Himiway’s flagship model is the Cruiser—classic yet capable.

It sports a powerful 840W Samsung battery for up to 60 miles of range. The Cruiser is capable of up to 35 miles on the electric-only pedal assist, making it the ideal city bike. In addition to a powerful battery, the 4-inch fat tires and 750W motor make powering over any terrain a breeze. Plus, the Himiway Cruiser is visible at night with a large LED headlight and taillight.

The most extreme riders will love the Himiway Cobra Pro.

It has a 1000W motor with 160Nm of torque—almost double the next best. In addition to the power, the sturdy 6061 aluminum frame pairs with an advanced four-bar linkage suspension to absorb the gnarliest terrain.

Himiway’s Cobra Pro can even support 4.8-inch tires for premium grip. With 400 lbs of cargo capacity, you can bring everything you need for a mountain adventure.


Biktrix Electric Bikes: Best Extended Range eBike Brand

Biktrix eBike

Biktrix brands itself as the Juggernaut in range and customization, and the model of the same name lives up to that expectation.

In addition to powerful motors and high-capacity batteries, Biktrix sells a wide range of models, including foldable e-bikes and off-road carbon-framed bikes. Riders can choose between mid-mounted or hub-drive motors that pair well with large-capacity batteries.

Unlike many other e-bike brands, Biktrix didn’t start out in California. Instead, Biktrix started in Canada, where founder Roshan Thomas strived for a more efficient way to get around his hometown of Saskatoon.

With his background in renovating antique motorcycles, Thomas was able to create an electric bicycle that was better than conversion kits. Since the 2014 Kickstarter campaign, Biktrix grew into a competitive direct-to-customer company.

Biktrix offers a high-capacity 2008W battery that’s capable of up to 100 miles of pedal assist per charge. The brand also offers a dual battery configuration to further boost that range.

Still, it isn’t just batteries that Biktrix excels at. Customization is also a priority of Biktrix, with aftermarket parts specifically designed to make the most out of your electric bike. Everything from integrated lights to upgraded brake lines is available for ultimate control over your ride.

The flagship model from Biktrix is the Juggernaut Classic Duo. It features a 750W mid-drive motor that produces an impressive 120Nm of torque, a significant improvement over many other e-bikes.

The power makes it ideal for hills and off-road biking, and the thumb-controlled throttle makes pedal assist even easier. With a large LCD display, LED headlights and taillights, and up to 330 lbs of cargo capacity, there’s little it can’t do.

The Juggernaut Hub Duo Step-Thru is a similar model for those looking for a step-thru model that boasts a rear hub motor.

Another iconic e-bike in Biktrix’s lineup is the Stunner LT 6 Cruiser. This model supports riders of all sizes and produces one of the most comfortable cruiser rides available.

It uses 4-inch fat tires and an 80mm fork suspension to handle any type of obstacle. Biktrix gives the Stunner LT 6 Cruiser hydraulic brakes for ultimate stopping power, and with six colors available, everyone can find one they like.


Ariel Rider: Best High-Speed Electric Bike

Ariel Rider eBike

Ariel Rider is one of the fastest e-bike companies on the market. On the high end, bikes can hit 30MPH!

The electric bike company is fond of supplying bikes with 750 and 1000W motors with output reaching up to 1800W. It all starts with the 52V battery that can provide upwards of 75 miles of range. Their six-bike lineup is incredibly well built, and each is more powerful than the competition.

Ariel Rider got its start in 2014 when sibling team Arda and Berk Onal brought the brand to market. That same year their father died, leading to a refocus on the motivation that started the brand.

Ariel Rider provides riders excellent support and world-class technology.

Once riders hit 30MPH, the classification to scooter takes place. With massive batteries and powerful motors, Ariel Rider straddles the line between bike and scooter, and with some tweaking, that boundary breaks.

The designs are also quite lovely, with models taking on a cafe racer-type look or a traditional bicycle style. Step-through and scrambler-style bikes are also available for those looking for something unique.

X-Class is a name that conjures feelings of adventure, and that’s what Ariel Rider attempts to achieve with the X-Class 52V—the flagship e-bike. Ariel Rider builds the X-Class 52V for power, giving it a massive 1040W battery that has a 70-mile range and a max speed of 30MPH.

It has a 300 lb capacity and a host of upgraded technologies like turn signals, daytime running lights, and brake lights.

On the more affordable side, The Kepler offers the same massive 52V battery as the X-Class.

The 4-inch fat tires, upgraded cargo racks, and LCD display provide riders with standard features that improve the city commute. Riders can even enjoy an extended 75-mile range, an improvement over the X-Class! It comes in either high-step or low-step frame configurations, so riders can choose an option that will be most comfortable for them.

Final Thoughts on the Best Electric Bike Brands

Finding the right bike isn’t an issue with this extensive lineup of the best electric bike brands. There’s never been a better time to switch up your transportation method, and with the available technology, electric bikes make a compelling argument for ditching the old automobile.

Owning an e-bike isn’t just for the wealthy. The improvements in the industry allow for more people to find a quality electric bike at a price that fits any budget.

Electric bike brands have unique missions to provide a better riding experience without sacrificing comfort or the spirit of riding a bike. Founders hail from all across the globe, with California being a hotspot. Still, it doesn’t take a warm environment to produce a quality e-bike.

The best electric bike brands attempt to solve transportation issues with bikes that have incredible range, respectable speeds, and varying levels of pedal assist. Some focus on providing the fastest ride while others attempt to carry the most cargo. Regardless of what you buy an e-bike for, these brands produce the most reliable and highest quality e-bikes.

Who knows, if gas continues to climb to ever-higher rates, more people will ditch the pricey transportation in favor of a more rewarding ride!

eBike Brands FAQs

Which brand is best for electric bike?

Aventon is our top pick for the best eBike brand.

Who is the biggest ebike seller in USA?

Rad Power Bikes is the best-selling eBike brand in the US.

What is the highest class eBike?

Class 3 eBikes have a top speed of 28 mph on pedal assist.

What is a Class 1 eBike?

Class 1 eBikes only have pedal assist and are limited to 20 mph.

What is a Class 2 eBike?

Class 2 eBikes have a throttle and are limited to 20 mph.

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Jeremy Scott Foster

Jeremy Scott Foster is an adventure-junkie, gear expert and travel photographer based in Southern California. Previously nomadic, he’s been to ~50 countries and loves spending time outdoors. You can usually find him on the trail, on the road, jumping from bridges or hustling on his laptop working to produce the best travel and outdoors content today.
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