The Absolute Best Beaches Near Rome


If your perfectly planned trip to Rome got blindsided by the unbreathable, unbearable heat, don’t freak. Stai calma. A Cool-Off day trip is one of the top things to do in Rome during the summer.

Listed below are a combination of the closest, cleanest and cheapest AKA best beaches to run to when your skin starts to sizzle under the Mediterranean sun. Save the monuments and museums for the cooler evening, and just go get in the water for the day.

Note: The “blue flag” is a recognition awarded to certain beaches and marinas throughout the world, labeling them for their cleanliness and environmental policies and actions.

1. Gaeta


Getting There: A train from the Roma Termini station will bring you to the neighboring town Formia (Gaeta is out on a peninsula) in about one hour on the Intercity train or one and a half hours on the sometimes cheaper Regionale train. From the Formia train station, there is a free mini-shuttle that takes you the two minutes down the hill to the port where you will find the public buses that go the 10 minutes out to Gaeta and it’s beach Serapo.

What Else: Eat really good seafood, visit the castle, explore the grotto, or hike the mountain…. including the huge crack down the middle where travelers will find handprints on the walls- if legend is correct if your hand fits the print, the mountain will close.

Blue Flag: Yes!

2. Santa Marinella

santa mariella best beaches rome
Photo via Flickr/Luca Conti 

Getting There: Santa Marinella can be reached with just a 50-60 minute train ride from Roma Termini and then a quick walk from the station through town to the beach.

What Else: A cute town with lots of nice (and well priced) seafood restaurants. Plus this is one of the few places where most of the beach is free. (In Italy, general beach practice is paying 10-15 euro for a lounge chair and umbrella at private beaches, there is sometimes a small sliver of free public beach).

Blue Flag: Nope :-/ but it still looks really pretty and blue honestly.

3. Sabaudia

Getting There: A bit more of a trip… an hour or so train from Termini to the station Priverno-Fossanova, and then a 20-minute bus ride into town, and then a walk down a staircase to the beach. The main issue is that the arriving train times don’t always match up with the departing bus times and if you don’t plan well you could find yourself chilling at the train station for an hour. The little shop there sells popsicles though… so…

What Else: Nobody. This is the beach if you want to escape the crowds and have a little seclusion, as it’s more inconvenient to get to than the others. Also a good portion of it is free.

Blue Flag: Yes!

4. Sperlonga

Getting There: A few minutes over an hour train ride from Roma Termini to Fondi-Sperlonga, plus a 15-minute bus ride to Sperlonga, and then a 10 or so minute walk to the beach (but through the VERY beautiful white stone town).

What Else: The archaeology museum featuring the grotto-turned-personal-dinning-room of Emperor Tiberius is a must-see.

Blue Flag: Yes!

5. Anzio

Photo via Flickr/Marika Bortolami

Getting There: Just take an hour train from Termini and then walk down 5- 10 minutes through the town to arrive at the beach! But then keep walking another 10 minutes along the beach to arrive at the free portion of the beach…

What Else: American travelers or history lovers particularly might find interesting that Anzio was the landing place of the Allies in Italy in 1944, and it’s possible to visit the American Cemetery.

Blue Flag: Yes!

Bonus: Lake Nemi

Okay it’s not really a beach, but locals treat it as one, and it’s worth mentioning. Just go.

Getting There: You will need a car, or if you’re one of those enthusiastically fit people maybe you could manage with a bike but your thighs would probably have to be like, woah. You can take a train to nearby towns 30-40 minutes from Roma Termini and drive the 20 more minutes from there if you can arrange a car or ride (taxis are not likely). It’s worth a car rental for the day.

What Else: After swimming, kayaking or maybe paddleboarding in the beautiful blue, clean and serene lake (no motorboats allowed) and soaking up its legendary mystical powers, you can head up to the actual town of Nemi and try their famous strawberry treats.

Blue Flag: N/A

Which one of these best beaches will you visit on your trip to Rome?

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