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Barcelona is one of the most incredible cities in the world. If you’re thinking of taking a trip there, be sure to visit these 10 Barcelona attractions!

1. Basilica of the Sagrada Família

visiting barcelona(photo credit: Flickr photo via Sonia Golemme)

La Sagrada Família , or church of the sacred family, is a sight that should be on every single person’s bucket list. There is a reason that this sight has been ranked as the #1 attraction to see in Barcelona because this cathedral is on a level of its own. The sheer detail that has been put into the architecture is awe inspiring. This work of art was from the mind of Antoni Gaudí who spent his entire life dedicated to the construction of this cathedral and even now the work of this glorious structure is still not complete. Ticket prices range from 5.50 €-19.30 € depending on what part of the cathedral you are taking a tour through and whether or not you want a guide. Even if you don’t take a tour you should at least take the time to admire the beauty from the outside. 

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