5 Private Tours You Can Do with Locals in Bangkok

5 Private Tours You Can Do with Locals in Bangkok

The Thai capital of Bangkok is an exciting city. Historic spots, cultural experiences, street food and markets are just part of its appeal. Whizz along the busy streets in a tuk-tuk. Hunt for bargains in glamorous malls. Visit varied museums and art galleries. Experience the lively nightlife. And, add even more to your adventure with a range of Bangkok private tours.

Step away from the typical tourist trail and enjoy local things to do in Bangkok. You can meet local people and have experiences that you would miss otherwise. Authentic Thailand is very different to the tourist-focused side! Bangkok local tours take you to hidden parts of the city and show you a range of traditions and cultural aspects.

Wondering which local things to do in Bangkok to add to your wish list? Here’s some inspiration:

1. Thai Street Food Tour

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Partner with a food-loving local for a fabulous feeding frenzy in Bangkok.

This private tour can be tailored to your requirements. Want to savor vegetarian or vegan specialties? Craving seafood? Whatever satisfies your appetite, you’ll find it!

Visit local markets and sample an array of mouth-watering street food. The sights, sounds and smells are sure to entice. You’ll come away with awesome photographs too. The trip includes one of Bangkok’s best fresh markets: Or Kor Tor.

Sink your teeth into favorites like Thai curry in various flavors and the beloved stir-fried noodle dish of pad thai. Taste various snacks and satisfy your sweet tooth with traditional deserts, fresh fruits, and the ever-popular mango sticky rice. Pick up iced tea, coffee or freshly made smoothies to wash everything down.

Fancy yourself a foodie? Check out another of their Bangkok food tours to experience ten of Gordon Ramsey’s favorite street foods in Bangkok!

2. Meet Spiritual Monks

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Wake up early to hit the streets with monks as they collect alms. Clad in saffron robes, the morning rituals are part of a monk’s daily life. Learn more about the life of a monk and observe spiritual practices.

See where monks live and get the rare chance to peek into the lives of devout Buddhist monks. Wander through the alleys and markets of Bangkok’s temple district and help the monks on their morning collections.

You’ll also have the chance to eat breakfast with the monks. Do note that catering to different dietary requirements cannot be guaranteed. Alternatively, you can dine on street food or return to your hotel for breakfast.

One of the most unique local things to do in Bangkok, this peaceful and serene experience is limited to a maximum of two people.

Remember to dress modestly, with your shoulders and knees covered. Furthermore, visitors are reminded to behave politely around the monks and in the monastery.

3. Visit a Floating Market

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Floating markets were once an essential part of everyday trade in the Thai capital. Peer into the past with a fascinating trip to an authentic weekend floating market in Bangkok.

Take a boat ride along the scenic khlongs (canals) for a glimpse of Bangkok from times gone by. It is certainly very different to the hustle and bustle of downtown Bangkok!

Wander through hundreds of food stalls with your local guide. Learn about different Thai dishes and listen to engaging stories. Your Thai host will also give you heaps of tips for experiencing the City of Ages like a local.

This Bangkok tour is private, letting you get the most out of your time with a friendly and knowledgeable Bangkokian.

Tuck into a delicious Thai lunch and perhaps pick up some local Thai souvenirs and gifts to take home as a reminder.

4. Watch Muay Thai with an Ex Fighter

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Do you know your Wai Kru from your mongkon? Don’t worry if Muay Thai terminology is all new to you; you’ll learn more about the combat sport on this terrific private tour.

Accompanied by a former Muay Thai boxer, you couldn’t have a better person to answer your questions about the sport!

Dating back to ancient times, Muay Thai is a traditional Thai martial art. Using all parts of the body as both a weapon and a shield, it is often known as the “Art of Eight Limbs.” Today, Thai boxing is an important part of Thai culture.

Settle into your VIP seats around the ring to watch a thrilling Muay Thai match. Your guide is a wealth of information when it comes to the rules of the sport and the techniques. You’ll definitely come away enlightened and excited!

5. Learn How to Cook Thai Food

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Food is woven into the fabric of Thai life. Eating is almost a national pastime and food is widely available. Indeed, Thailand is known for its awesome street food. Discover how to recreate delicious Thai dishes to impress the folks back at home.

Your private cooking experience can be personalized to meet any dietary requirements. Vegetarians and vegans rejoice!

Visit a local market with your host to pick up supplies for your cooking class. Your local guide will explain to you the main ingredients in Thai food. Discover the secrets how different flavors are delicately balanced for a tongue-tingling sensation. See how locals bargain for the best prices.

This is one of few Bangkok local tours that actually takes you into a private home. Channel your inner Masterchef as you chop, dice, stir and experiment. Don’t worry—your host is always on hand to guide you and offer help.

Take pride in preparing one of Thailand’s most popular dishes: pad thai. Your host will prepare a delicious starter and desert for you to enjoy a three-course lunch. Savor the fruits of your labor and gain a deeper appreciation of Thai cuisine.

Witness a sacred sak yant (tattoo) ceremony. Experience Bangkok’s vivacious night scene with new local pals. Visit off-the-beaten-track hidden gems. Take a photography tour of Chinatown. There are many incredible local things to do in Bangkok!