5 Attractions at Orlando’s Disney World You Don’t Want to Miss

5 Attractions at Orlando’s Disney World You Don't Want to Miss

I defy anyone to tell me that they are too old to enjoy Disney World. Ok, there might be a few rides you are too big to go on, but for the most part Disney World is a great day out for adults as well as kids.

In fact, Disney World as an adult is possibly even better. You don’t have to beg you parents to buy you candy or souvenirs. You’re an adult now. If you want it, you can just go and buy it.

And, of course, Disney World is not just about Mickey Mouse and the Magic Kingdom. There are six different parks visitors can enjoy, including the Animal Kingdom and Epcot.

But, if you’re short on time and can only pick one park then it has to be the Magic Kingdom. This is the Disney World you see on TV and it will blow you away. This is where you get to be a big kid for the day and love every second of it.

So, without further ado, here are the top 5 attractions in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Enjoy!

1. Space Mountain

This list has to start with Space Mountain. This is the ride that everyone runs to when the park first opens in the morning. It is probably the most thrilling rollercoaster in the park (but it’s not too scary so don’t worry).

Prepare to be hurtled through complete darkness interspersed with flashing lights as you enjoy Disney World’s most iconic ride.

2. Haunted Mansion

Even as an adult the Haunted Mansion will make you jump and scream more times than you will care to admit. The ride starts when you hop in an aptly named Doom Buggy. You are then carried along a track through the house, being periodically scared by the creepy inhabitants of the mansion.

3. Splash Mountain

The slightly wetter cousin of Space Mountain, Splash Mountain is great fun as long as you don’t mind getting soaked. Your vehicle for this ride is a log (not an actual log, obviously) and it takes you through a robot-filled Disney grotto.

After lulling you into a false sense of security with mawkish Disney songs, you will shoot down a pretty steep rapid and invariably drenched. Don’t forget to smile for the camera though!

4. Pirates of the Caribbean

We all loved the films – now it’s time to love the ride. I have to say, Disney World got this ride exactly right. It’s a gentle ride with awesome music and a healthy dose of pirates – the least you would expect from a Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

Fun fact about this ride: the ride actually came before the movie! It was Walt Disney’s last creation at the Disneyland Park in California in 1967 and was replicated in the Magic Kingdom in 1973. Disney has since revamped the park to reflect the movie.

5. It’s a Small World

Hardly a thriller but a Disney World classic nonetheless, It’s a Small World is adorable and an absolute must for visitors to the Magic Kingdom. The interior of the ride is dark with spotlights on animatronic children from different cultures.

Visitors float peacefully along a river as they take this all in. Of course, the background music is the well-know tune: It’s a Small World.

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