4 Alternatives to Cheap Travel Souvenirs

A unique souvenir from your trip is a great way to remember your travels. However, those cheap figurines and magnets you pick up overseas often get lost (or buried in a drawer), never to be seen again.

The truth is, there are better ways to document your exciting and unforgettable vacation. So, if you’re looking for an alternative to tacky vacation souvenirs, consider the following methods to remember your trip.

1. Custom Scrapbook

A custom scrapbook is an excellent way to document your trip. Save your train ticket stubs, restaurant business cards, and hotel key cards to craft a unique book filled with your favorite memories. And, don’t forget to add your favorite photos from your trip too!

But to make your scrapbook really pop, print out custom stickers related to your destination. Whether it’s a photo of the Eiffel tower or an image of you and your friends, stickers make scrapbooking even more special.

2. Daily Travel Journal

Before you jet off on vacation, bring along a small, blank notebook or journal. Once you get back to the hotel each evening, jot down what you did each day. What landmarks did you visit? What foods did you eat? What were some of the day’s highlights?

Not only will you have a collection of thoughts and memories, but you’ll also have a unique souvenir from your travels! And, whenever you read the journal, you’ll be able to relive your unforgettable vacation over and over again.

3. Printed Photo Book

Have you ever wondered what to do with all those vacation photos? Instead of letting them sit digitally on your phone, print a physical photo album for your coffee table. There are plenty of online websites that allow you to design and print your own hardback book full of your favorite photos from your trip.

In the same fashion, you can also upload the photos to a digital picture frame. The album rotates through different images, so you’ll always have something new to look at. And that way, you can show your friends and family the highlights of your trip whenever they come to visit!

4. Mailed Postcards

Unlike most cheap souvenirs, postcards are an affordable, yet memorable way to document your trip. While you’re on vacation, pick up a cool postcard and write a small note to yourself. You can highlight your favorite attraction, talk about a unique experience, or simply describe what you like about your destination.

Then, address the postcard and mail it back home! Once you arrive back home from vacation, you’ll have a little present waiting for you. And best of all, you’ll get to relive your favorite memories from your travels.

Final Thoughts

Traveling is a great experience, and your souvenir from your vacation should be just as extraordinary as the trip itself. Instead of buying some cheap tchotchke you won’t ever use, why not spend the time to create something unique and memorable instead?

With these custom souvenir ideas, you’ll be able to remember your once-in-a-lifetime experiences for years to come.

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