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Although I am a Coca Cola girl through and through, Pepsi has a really cool history. Since today is the anniversary of the cola’s invention, we decided to share some worldly historical knowledge with you!

Pepsi was invented in 1898 in New Bern North Carolina. The funny part? The original name was Brad’s Drink which came from the guy who made it, Caleb Bradham, in his drugstore. Later the name was changed to Pepsi Cola. Why? The digestive enzyme pepsin was added to the recipe in an effort to make a delicious drink that improved digestive health. In the early 1900’s the slogan was “Delicious and Healthful.”

Pepsi and Coca Cola have been known as the epitome of rivals. In the 1920’s and 30’s, Coca Cola denied three separate offers to buy Pepsi Cola. Then, everything heated up in the 1970’s when Pepsi launched a new blind taste-test campaign called “The Pepsi Challenge”. The results suggested that Pepsi had a superior taste, and Coca Cola immediately responded by changing their formula. However, their sales declined rapidly to “New Coke” and they reverted back to the original recipe, rebranding it as “Coke Classic”. The advertising wars raged on into the music world when Coca Cola used Paula Abdul for an advertising campaign and Pepsi used Michael Jackson.

Pepsi also has a ton of varieties that are only available outside of the US, which we think is totally cool. Here are some of our favorites along with their slogans!


pepsi blue

[photo via hallandlien]

Blue colored with a fruity taste.

Countries: India “My Pepsi My Way”, Austria, Iceland, Philippines “It’s Nice to Change”, Australia, Bulgaria, Poland, Finland

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