Planning a Trip 11 Ways Why Traveling With Your Best Friend is Amazing

11 Ways Why Traveling With Your Best Friend is Amazing

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I’ll be the cornball that I secretly am deep, deep down, and admit that my best friends are like family. I love them to pieces, what else can I say? They’re the family that you chose, and you love the freakish yet perfect way they are. Whether you’re a firm believer in the theory that you can only have one best friend, or you believe that you can have a few, when you think of the words “best friend(s)” you smile (or really, really want to). I know that when I think about going on any trip with any of my friends, I can think up some crazy situations that would happen with some of them. All I know is, no matter what, your best friend is the best person to travel with. You know you’ll come out with stories that’ll be passed down for generations (or maybe it’s best not to tell your kids about how you met and partied with your favorite band in Amsterdam), but you get the gist of it. Your best friend is the person that your inner most synched up with, so traveling with them has its good (and yes, sometimes bad) times, but all times worth remembering. I went to New Orleans with one of my best friends, and I can admit thinking about the trip is bringing a smile to my face (or the thought of one).

1. You guys are willing to share a room or bed without thinking twice about it.


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