10 Travel Instagrammers You Should Be Following

10 Travel Instagrammers You Have to Follow

Instagram is my weakness, and I never go a day without my fix! These are ten travel Instagrammers that I’m absolutely loving right now, in no particular order.

1) Frank About Croatia

Frank and Vera are a Canadian-Croatian couple living in Croatia, showcasing their life, travels and meals in that beautiful, blue country! They’re all about unique architecture, boats and the ocean.

2) A Taste of Travel

Jenny is eating her way around the world and Instagramming all the food, people, and captivating places she encounters. She spends much of her time in Australia, hopping back and forth between Melbourne and Perth. Her photos of local food finds keep my stomach growling throughout the day!

3) Latitude 34

Travel like you mean it! Jeff and Marina are two photojournalists traveling the world with no particular plans to speak of! Their unique typographic Instagrams make them a must-follow for constant travel inspiration!

4) Hecktic Travels

Pete and Dalene, a Canadian couple, are serious about their photography, and I particularly love their unique perspective shots of architecture all over the world!

Also, turtles.

5) Just Travelous

I’m a particular fan of Yvonne’s vintage wash photographs! She keeps it cool and classy with a touch of sassy.

6) Wanderlust Wandermust

Cristina is a killer photographer, often framing some incredibly unique points of view on everyday things found in cities around the world. Lately, she has an eye for street art, baseball, phone booths and gas stations.

7) Finding the Universe

Laurence specializes in HDR photography and heavily post-processed images. His images are always stunning and his photography has become some of my favorite!

8) Dream Euro Trip

DJ is always rocking cool pants (errr, trousers) and funky sunglasses. His quirky travel shots document style, art, vistas and people all over Europe.

9) Wanderlusters

Charli and Ben are a traveling couple with a taste for adventure! They can currently be found doing insane things in New Zealand like skydiving and hiking volcanic terrain!

10) eTramping

Agness and Cez, a Polish duo, have been traveling the world for three years and, most recently, have been found teaching English in China. Their explorations of towns, cities and villages all over Asia have been a real treat to follow!

Who are your favorite Instagrammers? Let us know in the comments below!
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