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Global Warming is one swift and tricky mistress and there is really no telling exactly when her wrath will come due. What we can tell however is that the waters are rising right along with the temps in many locations, meaning there’s a lot of low laying islands out there that are likely to vanish within the next century. Alright, so a century is kind of a while, it’s not like you have to drop everything and go tomorrow (even though you totally want to), but you should go soon because even if they don’t disappear completely in the very immediate future they just might shrink enough that you can’t safely go visit anymore. There are a countless number of islands being severely impacted by climate change, but these 10 are on the top of the list for sure.

1. Paracel Islands

China and Vietnam won’t be fighting over ownership of these islands for much longer. Since the highest point is only 14 meters, it’ll be no surprise to anyone when they get swallowed up by the South China Sea.

Paracel Islands

Photo via Beauty Scenery 

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  1. Can I say all of them? Haha I am particularly keen to get to the Maldives and I have read quite a bit about Tuvalu which has me intrigued as well.


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